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Small Wedding: Grand Affair

About 2 year(s) ago by Jennifer Rutledge
Many brides find that the hardest decision in planning a wedding is the guest list. Do you want a small intimate wedding?  Or, do you invite everyone you have crossed paths with in your life?  A small affair can be just as grand when you follow a few steps.

One way to make a space pop with color is in the floral detail. When picking out centerpieces alternate tall and short arrangements on the tables. This actually causes the room to seem larger and your guests will be in awe of the different styles. Choosing the color of the flowers can play a key role as well. Make sure to choose arrangements that have one deep or bright color, with other coordinating lighter hues. If possible place your flowers on a mirrored tile to give a reflective surface and enhance the size and color of the arrangement. (Hotels like the Hotel Galvez and Spa and The Tremont House both offer these) Hint: Having too much dark floral, may cause the room to feel dark and cluttered, so make sure to brighten it with lighter shades, or keep the darker colors for accents.
Linens also play a huge role in a wedding. If you are planning a smaller wedding, you will have the opportunity to upgrade your linens, and still stay within budget. Choose neutral color linen (white or ivory are great and often offered by properties like the Hotel Galvez & Spa or The Tremont House complimentary) and then add a textured overlay to add some jazz to the room. Another option is choosing a colored runner for the tables. Pick out a runner or two that are in your color scheme and place them over the neutral linens. Just make sure to remember your color wheel and use complimentary colors. Hint: Remember to have fun and add color, texture, pattern and shine.
The third and most important aspect to keep in mind is the venue. When deciding on a venue, choose one that has the ability to customize floor plans. Hotel Galvez and The Tremont House both have ballrooms that can be transformed into magnificent weddings. The Music Hall at Hotel Galvez can accommodate larger weddings, but with the right tables, chairs, and linens, it can make for a gorgeous small affair as well. In addition the East and West Parlors at the Hotel Galvez create the perfect setting for an intimate wedding at an amazingly affordable price. The Sam Houston Ballroom at the Tremont House is perfect for the downtown style bride. Or smaller intimate groups are sure to feel comfortable with the Ann Gray and Austin combination offering a very chic and upscale feel. Hint: Smaller weddings can be amazing with the slightest of décor and red and black tie is always a hit.
With the unique shapes, colors and the perfect venue a bride can truly make their wedding, the wedding to remember. It does not take a huge budget to host a magical and memorable feeling wedding that both you and your guests will remember for a life time.
Hotel Galvez & Spa and The Tremont House have Wedding specialists available to help you arrange the day of your dreams, contact them through the Catering department at 409-515-2161 or on our websites www.hotelgalvez.com or www.thetremonthouse.com.
Jennifer Rutledge is a complex sales manager for Hotel Galvez & Spa, The Tremont House and Harbor House Hotel. Jennifer was formerly a catering sales manager who planned small weddings and wrote a wedding blog for Houston Bridal Extravanganza.
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