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Wine Tasting Tips for Your Next Galveston Visit

About 2 year(s) ago by Kasey Morales
Wine Tasting at Hotel Galvez
Wine artifacts dating back to 4100 BCE have been found showing that the ancients definitely had wine. As the Roman Empire moved through the world they took this delightful elixir with them and in fact discovered many places had similar spirited products thus the earliest regional traits were defined.
“Vino’s” importance in human history can be seen in the comparisons to the human body used to describe it. Terms such as legs, tears, blush, velvety, perfumed, nose, character and more are commonly used, and while it may seem intimidating anyone with a small amount of knowledge can learn to appreciate the world of wine tasting and discovery.
Wine tasting is all about the senses, and no answer is wrong. Enjoy the adventure and discover a whole new world filled with social opportunities and simple human pleasures.
Step 1: Look:
Hold the glass up to the light and look at how it looks, tilt the glass to the side and see how it changes, reds and whites offer completely different experiences and slight color changes can indicate age and different varietals
Step 2: Smell
Swirl the glass gently and then bring it to your nose and inhale deeply, try to think about the smell and if you can pick out anything you recognize. Some wines are fruity, some have a vanilla scent and some are even oaky, every brand is an exploration.
Step 3: Sip
Take a drink, not a gulp, but a drink that you can hold in your mouth. Let it sit, feel it on all parts of your tongue, gently swish, then slowly swallow. Note all the different flavors; the sweetness or bitterness; is it smooth or harsh. Remember there are no wrong answers and everyone may find something different.
Step 4: Describe
Write down your impressions, use any word that comes to mind, it’s your taste, your opinion and your notes, the great thing about wine is that it can not only be social, it can be personal as well.
Remember, no one becomes an expert overnight, and even the experts differ on what they enjoy. The best thing about wine tasting is… well you are drinking wine. You can sample and identify your favorites and order a glass or, better yet, a bottle.
Galvez Bar & Grill at Hotel Galvez & Spa is pleased to offer wine enthusiasts and novices a place to sample four varieties of wine flights. Wine flights range in price from $10 to $17 dollars, and offer a choice of light intensity red, full intensity red, medium intensity white and sparkling wines. During your next Galveston getaway, this is a great way to get together with friends or enjoy a romantic evening.
Plan your next Galveston getaway with friends or that someone special and book your room at one of these beautiful Galveston hotels:
  • For a beach view with history, stay at Hotel Galvez & Spa. The hotel provides a courtesy shuttle to transport hotel guests downtown.
  • For a stay in The Historic Strand District, book your stay at The Tremont House.
  • Or if you want to enjoy of view of the harbor and the 1877 Tall Ship ELISSA, consider Harbor House Hotel & Marina at Pier 21.
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